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Yad Eliezer - A...

Yad Eliezer - A child went hungry this Chanukah

As winter blows cold against the window panes, thousands of tiny golden flames illuminate the streets of Israel. But what is taking place in the homes hidden behind the warm, cheerful lights?

This Chanuka, thousands of children in Israel still went to sleep hungry. Going to school to hear about the new toys and clothes that classmates received for Chanuka gifts is very painful when your own family doesn’t even have enough money to provide you with a sandwich for lunch.

Yad Eliezer illuminates the darkness for over 20,000 families in Israel today. That’s over 80,000 children.

Our aim is to change the face of the next generation - we provide 180 babies each month with formula, saving them from the mental and physical ravages of early malnutrition. We provide over 4,500 large food boxes monthly to families who would otherwise be lacking vital nutrition.

You just celebrated the holiday of light.

Put a smile on the face of a hungry child.

Give a gift that makes a difference.

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