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Since 2001, OneFamily has worked in the face of terror to facilitate a resilient Israeli society.

OneFamily empowers Israel to respond to terror by uniting all victims of terror attacks into one, national, self-supportive family of thousands.

OneFamily meets the diverse, intensive, and chronic needs of Israel’s terror victims through a comprehensive and professional family-approach.

OneFamily develops an individualized rehabilitation program for each victim of terror based on more than a decade of expertise and experience.

OneFamily evaluates and identifies the specific needs of victims and their families with an understanding of how far we can take them, at what pace, and at what price.

OneFamily provides direct services while coordinating with external entities and specialists that can provide additional assistance to victims.

OneFamily is devoted to being there with all victims of terror in Israel – from the moment of terror for as long as they need us… even if it is for the rest of their lives, with 37 uniquely expert staff members, 731 volunteers, 4 assistance centers around Israel, and endless love.

OneFamily understands the trauma of bereavement and injury from terror. Our family can provide the key elements that lead to successful rehabilitation. With this level of trauma, comes a feeling of isolation by singular experience. The perception of being alone affects every element of the recovery and rebuilding process. Our presence and resources ensure that victims and their families never need to feel alone.

OneFamily acknowledges and recognizes the loss, pain and sacrifice of every victim – taking part in each step of their journey to returning to life after terror.

OneFamily provides a unique tailor-made blend of financial assistance, therapeutic programs, legal assistance and a steady stream of personal encouragement for each victim and their family, delivered in our hallmark “family” atmosphere of togetherness that the victims have come to love and trust.

In recognition of our success and dedication, OneFamily was awarded the 2011 Presidential Citation for Volunteerism by Israeli President Shimon Peres.

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